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New Tires & Tire Repairs:
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New Tires & Tire Repairs in Tampa, Florida

When you are looking for a great deal on new tires, stop by Foy's Tire Service in Tampa, Florida. We also handle a variety of tire repairs—whether it's a flat or a slow leak, our auto service will put you back on the road in no time.
Tire Purchases
We sell tires for vehicles that range in size from sedans to semis—even tires for loaders, lawn mowers, and ATVs can be found through us. Bicycle and motorcycle tires are the only ones that we do not carry. We simply look up your size and see what we have available. It is installed here, including balancing and disposal of the old tire.
If you have a flat tire, we will first fill it up to find what is making it go flat. Then we patch the tire and top it off with air again to ensure that it holds. Then you're on your way. We handle slow leaks—often caused by a puncture—in a similar way.
Tires - Tire Repair in Tampa, FL
Contact us in Tampa, Florida, for more information about tire sales or repairs.